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Unusual Times


Dear All,

Lockdown number 2.

Over these last few weeks we have slowly been getting used to the new Covid-style service, two meters apart, face masks, no singing. However, despite all this there was a joy in being united in our desire to come together as part of the family Christ.  Unfortunately, Lockdown #2 means that for the next few weeks this has to be put on hold and as are not permitted to worship together in the church building at Christ Church. But fear-not we carry on with our on-line Zoom-based worship. Christ is in all things, Covid 19 and even Zoom.

For the next few weeks we will be carrying on as usual issuing our weekly ‘Nuggets’ news update via email and on-line. Also, by the same means we will put out the Sunday morning service.  The Nugget news letter has all the details on how to join our on-line Zoom services and get-togethers. If you do need any assistance getting to grip with any of this Zoom or email technology do let Sarah know and we will send you assistance.

We look forward to sharing our love for and knowledge of Jesus over these next few weeks in these incredible times – do join us !

This Sunday, 22nd November , the church will be closed for worship, however we will be holding two services on 'Zoom'. The  Morning 10:00am Worship service will be sent out by email, as usual. After last weeks successful trial we are also going to hold this service on Zoom from 10.00am. The link for this is in this weeks Nugget Newsletter. There will be Communing over Coffee after the service, and this will happen on a different link. All details in the latest Nugget newsletter.

Click on the link here or a printable version of our latest ‘ Nuggets’ newsletter and previous ones also. However if you would like an interactive version with live links to Zoom services etc scroll to the bottom of this page and click the 'Nugget' link there.

Click here for the latest 'Nuggets' newsletter

Also click the link below at the bottom of the page for an link to an interactive version Sarah’s latest Sunday service, this has all the links to the hymns (hint: after each hymn click the back-arrow at the top left of the screen to get back to the service)

Alternatively click on the link here for a printable copy.

Sunday 22nd  November  10:00am

Do follow it – why not at 10:00 am this Sunday, or join us on Zoom ?

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Sunday Service 22nd November 2020 10:00 am