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Unusual Times


Dear All,

These are indeed unusal times.

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Sunday 12th July was an occasion for great celebration as we met together for the first time since March in our church building. Sarah and David had organised things tremendously well so that we all felt comfortable and suitably socially distanced.  Hand gels and guidance signs were in evidence! A good number of us came together and it was truly wonderful. Evidence of ‘God with us’ even in these strange times. So, as we continue to work through how we worship in a sensitive manner please do feel free to join us if you feel happy to do so. You will receive a warm welcome – even if it is at a distance!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

This Sunday, 17th October,  the church will be open again for worship, and we will be following all the Social Distancing guidelines to ensure everyone is safe. Do come along, please remember to bring a face covering.

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Sunday 18th October 10:00am

Do follow it – why not at 10:00 am this Sunday ?

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