Minister's Letter

Minister's Message for July 2021 :

Christ is risen. Alleluia!

He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

We celebrate our risen Lord Jesus.

We are now back in church following the latest changes in the guidelines from the Government and advive from the Bishop's office we are making a few changes to how we worship on Sunday morning ....

In the light of the latest lockdown announcement, I am suggesting that we continue to have a cautious approach, and do not change things hugely. To that end, please note the following:


  • Encourage everyone to continue to wear face masks in church.
  • We will now have singing in church but STRONGLY recommend that, apart from the choir, we sing with face masks on.
  • Hymn books will be placed on some chairs in each row in readiness rather than being handed out; the same with service sheets if these are being used.
  • Communion for the next few weeks continues to be in one kind only - that is, with just the wafers/bread.
  • We keep the chairs spaced, whilst adding an additional row into the front part of church – with a 1.5m gap rather than 2m.


I hope that makes sense to everyone. As the summer continues we can review this in the light of local and national guidelines.


As ever, my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. I know that we are also keeping each other and all those we know, our country and our world in our thoughts and prayers.

Do continue to keep in touch with each other, especially at this time. Do phone each other. May you know the peace and the love of God with you; and may you also have the opportunity to share the peace, and the love of God with others through this week.

Keep well, everyone.

Yours in Christ. 

Sarah   01733 394411