Hello everyone!


Come Holy Spirit,

fill the hearts of your faithful people,

and kindle in us the fire of your love,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


I hope this newsletter finds you, your families and your friends all well. This week’s image is a picture of the workers in the field, relating to this week’s Gospel reading from Matthew 20. We find out more as we explore God’s word together on Sunday.






Every week I encourage you to look at the website, and for you to encourage others to do so too. Malcolm continues to put this publication and services on every week. The web address is www.ccog.co.uk



This evening, do join us for Compline at 8.00pm. The joining instructions are below.


Topic: Compline

Time: Sep 18, 2020 08:00 PM London


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 236 522 344

Password: 943180                               Phone Number: 0131 460 1196



This Sunday we have one service, our usual one at 10.00am – a service of Holy Communion – where we can join together in the Church or at home with the service that is sent out. This is followed by Communing over Coffee.



As usual, this will be from 11.00am, although some may arrive a little later if they have been to the service, and the joining instructions are below.


Topic: Communing over Coffee

Time: Sep 20, 2020 11:00 AM London


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Meeting ID: 897 8785 0136

Password: 384924                          Phone Number: 0131 460 1196



There will be two services next Sunday. The first, at 10.00am, will be our Harvest Celebration – more about this in a separate note, which will be sent out in advance. Communing over Coffee will also happen as usual.



Our second service next week is our Service of Healing Prayers which will be on Zoom at 6.00pm. Joining instructions will follow in next week’s edition of Nuggets.



We will not be able to have quite the same displays as usual, although we will endeavour to ensure a Harvest ‘look’. Collecting food for such a service might prove a little more complicated than usual. So the suggestion is that we could give food to the Food Bank in shops during that week, and I know that many will already be doing that. If people would like to bring food, this year we are going to give this to our Iranian friends. A box will be put out for us to do this. If anyone would like suggestions, Valerie has put together a list based on what we know Bahador liked. There are some fresh and frozen things included too. It would be wonderful if people would like to donate in this way. If we can, let’s treat our friends with a gift of food. Suggested items:


* Pasta                                                        * Rice (preferably Basmati)

* Muesli                                                       * Nuts - pistachios, walnuts etc

* Porridge (sachets - original flavour)          * Honey

* Hot chocolate (added water only)              * Instant Coffee

* Tinned tuna/mackerel                                 * Dates

* Squash                                                       * Eggs                                   * Vacuum packed half baguettes/rolls         

* Cheese                                                       * Tinned tomatoes                 * Pasta sauce              

* Curry sauce                                               * Fresh fruit                             * Salad

* Potatoes                                                      * Onions                               * Frozen fish             

 * Frozen chicken pieces                               * Frozen pizza                      * Frozen wedges/chips



We will hold our rather belated AGM during the service on Sunday 4th October. Again, this too, will be slightly different from normal but it will be an occasion for us to thank God for 2019 and look ahead to the remainder of this year, and beyond.


I hope you are all keeping well, especially as we all try to keep up with the latest rules and regulations. We pray for those who make them. And we continue to pray for all those who are carrying out research into vaccines, medication and cures. As ever, my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. I know that we are also keeping one another, our country and our world in our thoughts and prayers.


Do continue to keep in touch with each other. Do phone each other. May you know the peace, the presence and the love of God with you through this week; and may you also have the opportunity to share the peace, the presence and the love of God with others through this week.


Until next time.

Yours in Christ. 



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