Minister's Letter

Minister's Message for Summer 2018 :

Happy Holidays! Or Happy July and August to everyone and a very Happy Birthday, from all of us at Christ Church, to everyone whose birthday it is.
I am so sorry this newsletter is so late. To be vaguely early with August’s, I thought I would combine July and August, so it looks a little different so that I could fit everything in. Back to normal in September.
We are again in that season of Munch Lunch for five Tuesdays – four in August and the first one in September. If anyone has children or families they can bring, please do. If you would like to help, we would love to hear from you. Setting up from 10.00am, everyone arrives at 11.30am, activities until a short moment in the Church and lunch at about 12.45pm. It is great fun and a great occasion. Do come along if you can. We would love to see you.
As we come into these months, let us all take time to notice God. It might be as we look around us at the trees, the birds, the sky, and all that he has made. It might be as we look at one another and see other people God has created, knowing them, like us, before we were all born. Wow! It might be as we marvel at the gifts of others, whatever they are. It might be as we notice and feel God’s call on our lives. Some of us might be on holiday, whatever that may mean for us. Wonderfully, we worship a God who is never on holiday. Let us all take time to notice God.

Yours in Christ Jesus,