Minister's Letter

Minister's Message for August 2019 :

Happy August everyone!

Wherever we are, whatever we are doing during this month and during the summer, it is great to know that Jesus, the light of the world, is always with us, and with our families and our friends.

During this month, we have Munch Lunch – every Tuesday from 11.30am to 1.30pm. Hurrah! Do come along if you can – to help, to join in and do let your friends and neighbours know. There are lots of exciting activities planned through the month.

Our next barbecue is on Sunday 25th August. Do come along and join in. Last month, the children and young people made cakes to raise money to help children around the world be able to have and access education. An idea from the young people themselves. And they raised about £80.00 which was wonderful. Well done. This month they are raising money through car washing, and through any other ideas that people may have.

So lots going on. And, of course, a very Happy Birthday to anyone who finds themselves another year older during this month, from all of us. Have a great month everyone.

Yours in Christ,