Minister's Letter

Minister's Message for March 2018 :

 Greetings everyone, as we continue our journey through Lent.

I was choosing hymns for this week's service and I was struck by one, the first verse of which I share with you.....

Name of all majesty,

fathomless mystery,

King of the ages

by angels adored;

power and authority,

splendour and dignity,

bow to his mastery -

Jesus is Lord  

It is a hymn written by Revd Timothy Dudley Smith, a great hymn writer of the twentieth century. As we take the time this Lent, leading up to the celebration of Easter, I commend these words to you as a wonderful way to think about Jesus. One of our images of Jesus, as we go into these weeks, is of Jesus being baptised, and hearing God's voice, 'You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.' Then Jesus goes into the desert to be alone, and to find time to spend with his Father, as he prepares for all that lies ahead. It is Jesus, who has lived through his time on earth, who has died on the cross, and who has risen and ascended to be with God, who is the subject of this wonderful hymn - Jesus who has and who is alondside us day by day, and who is also at his Fathers' side, and interceding for each of us. May we grasp, even just a little, that Jesus is Lord, he name of all majesty. To do so, would be to spend our weeks of Lent well.

'Bon continuation....'as they say in France.

And, if you have a birthday during March, we do all wish you a very Happy Birthday or Bon anniveraire, as they also say in Frace!

Yours in Christ Jesus,